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A Puni Ka Honua, Around the World

Portion of choir singers on stage with choir director, Erica Glenn.
Photo by Mark Gatus, University Assistant Photographer

The crowd fell silent as the Brigham Young University–Hawaii choir students filed on stage. Within moments a captivated audience listened intently to a slower yet sacred start of a beautiful rendition of "Me-Na-Ri," a Korean piece featuring soloist Dr. Melissa Walker Glenn. It was an incredible start to the following songs performed by the Seasinger Singers, including pieces from Samoa, South Africa, Australia, and East Africa.

Following the Seasider Singers, the Ho'olōkahi Chamber Choir came on with a powerful song titled "Fire," a piece created as a literal representation of what fire sounds like as a song by a Canadian musician. They also sang works from Estonia, the Philippines, France, and a special tribute to Ukraine with the Ukrainian National Anthem. Then the combined choirs sang songs from the Republic of Cameroon and India, finishing with the finale piece of "Hawai'i," where audience members stood to sing along and hold hands, joining together as ohana.

The concert was not merely entertaining but fulfilling. Concert director Erica Glenn gracefully complimented each soloist and took time for the audience to cheer and recognize graduating seniors and students leaving to serve full-time missions. She also will be taking a short hiatus and rejoining campus in the fall upon returning from a research and humanitarian trip to Poland this spring/summer.

Those who attended last Friday's concert were blessed with the songs and sounds representing places all around the world. We commend the student performers and music professors for sharing their talents and skills with our campus community.