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Gaining Valuable Work Experience Through On-Campus Internships

The BYU–Hawaii on-campus internship (OCI) program combines sound business principles and real-world experiences for BYU–Hawaii students as they collaborate with various companies. They are referred to as a win-win-win situation. First, OCIs are a win for students as they learn and grow skills applicable in today's world. Secondly, OCIs are a win for companies to receive high-quality work from future professionals who are anxious to display their capabilities and education. Lastly, OCIs are a win for BYU–Hawaii as the program assists students in transitioning from their education into future professional careers.

Five students with Elder and Sister McCarty standing outside in front of a campus mural.

A recent example showcasing the value behind these strategic partnerships comes from the winter 2022 class with Elder and Sister McCarty, who has since been replaced by Elder and Sister Mason. One group of students positively impacted the partner company Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI), a company piloting the online internship program. IMI was more than pleased with the outcome. They were impressed that the students took great care of the tasks they were asked to complete, clocking in 550 hours. Adding, "The students learned at their own pace and experienced real-life exposure to corporate challenges, while IMI was the recipient of innovative ideas and the platform itself at no cost." More about this specific internship experience can be read in an article posted by IMI on their company website.

Working with business organizations, students may work on projects applying to various fields, such as finance, human resources, marketing, real estate development, strategy, supply chain, and more. These on-campus internships allow students to practice skills learned in the classroom through practical, real-world experience. And it's all while remaining at the university. Students from all majors can register for the OCI classes and develop personal initiative, creativity, communication, interpersonal skills, and sound judgment. As for interested companies and external organizations, you can learn more about the process through the career services' on-campus internships webpage if you're interested in sponsoring on-campus internships.