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International Processing Fee Requirement Discontinued

Brigham Young University–Hawaii will no longer collect an international processing fee from incoming international students effective Monday, August 14. Currently, international students must pay an international processing fee before starting their visa application process. This change will help incoming students by eliminating a step in their application process and will greatly reduce unnecessary administrative overhead at the university.

The university will continue to pay for the return airfare of university-sponsored international students and dependents that are part of a work-study program or J-1 visa holders according to current eligibility requirements.  Self-funded international students or F-1 visa holders graduating in or after the Fall 2024 Semester will be responsible for all costs of returning home at the end of their studies.

To allow self-funded students or current F-1 visa holders to adequately prepare for this change, those who graduate and return home during the next academic year or through the Spring 2024 Semester will have their airfare paid by the university according to current practice. During the Fall 2024 Semester, self-funded students who have not graduated and returned home, but have previously paid an international processing fee, will have the fee refunded as a credit to their student account. J-1 visa holders will not be refunded because the university will pay for their return airfare.

Students with further questions about their individual circumstances may contact Financial Aid & Scholarships at