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VP Steve Tueller Prepares to Serve as Mission President

Steven W. Tueller has announced his intention to step down from his position as administrative vice president in May of next year. This decision is in anticipation of him and his wife, Laurie, preparing to preside over a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The location of their assignment has yet to be determined and will be announced by the Church next spring. Steve has worked at Brigham Young University–Hawaii for 17 years. 

"BYU–Hawaii has been greatly blessed by Steve’s sharp mind and thorough evaluation of complex problems. He is an exceptional leader and has led remarkable progress in every aspect of his stewardship. Laurie is also wonderful and has been a blessing to this university and community in many ways. I will miss them both dearly. I am grateful for their willingness to serve as mission leaders, and it is joyful to know that many missionaries will have the privilege of working with them," said President John S.K. Kauwe III.

Steve and Laurie Tueller.
Photo by Monique Saenz

In his current role, Steve Tueller oversees essential university functions and services, including the Budget Office, Financial Aid & Scholarships, Financial Services, Customer Experience, the Office of Compliance & Ehtics, Human Resources, and Purchasing.   

Steve has worked within the Church Education System for over 30 years and began his career at Brigham Young University in the Physical Facilities Division. He has extensive experience in budgeting, strategic planning, space management, sales, and marketing. He has held various positions at BYU, BYUH, and the CES Commissioner's Office.

Steve came to BYU–Hawaii in June of 2006 and served as budget director prior to becoming a vice president in 2017. Both Steve and Laurie served as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Japan. Steve earned his bachelor's degree in human resource development, a master's degree in international and area studies, and an MBA, all from BYU. He and Laurie are the parents of seven children and have 9 grandchildren.

"Working at BYUH and living in Laie has been one of the highlights of our lives. When we first moved here, one of our daughters made the statement: “You will have experiences here that you could have no other place in the world.” That has proven prophetic. We have loved being part of this wonderful Ohana and are especially grateful we could participate in helping to accomplish the inspired mission of BYUH. It required an adventure such as this calling to get us to leave Laie! A large part of our hearts will always be here."

A formal search for a new administrative vice president is underway. A complete job description can be found at