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Business Program Receives Top Ranks

Brigham Young University‒Hawaii has been named as one of the Best Value Small Colleges for a Business Administration Degree in a recent ranking by Best Value School. BYU‒Hawaii was ranked 2nd on the feature and was additionally recognized for the specialization in Operations and Supply Chain Management.

This highlighted specialization is one of the four tracks available at Brigham Young University‒Hawaii; the other being: Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing. BYU‒Hawaii professor and Department Chair of the Business Management Department Cary Countryman includes how these tracks “work very closely with Hospitality and Tourism Management [as] our Business Management faculty [teach] in both business and HTM.” Best Value School initially reached out to Countryman notifying him of the program’s recognition.

Countryman reasons the recognition is particularly important for how “rare that smaller programs like ours allow for specializations.  Operations and Supply Chain Management also makes sense given our location and our target area (Pacific and Asia).”  Not only does Countryman note how unique it is to have these specializations at BYU‒Hawaii, but also how it is evident how the program strives to fulfill a greater purpose internationally. Countryman says, “We focus on global business given our diversity of students and helping them be successful in their home countries.  If someone is interested in global business, especially in regards to the Pacific and Asia, we are an excellent choice.”

The mission of Best Value School is “to provide clear, credible guidance to help students find the best college for them.” The organization helps students “faced with a massive amount of information and misinformation” to seek out critical options for their higher education.
In order to be considered as part of Best Value School’s ranking, each school must offer at least three programs (or three concentrations within a program) for students seeking a bachelor’s degree in the field and demonstrate a genuine commitment to affordable education, with estimated annual costs of less than $27,000 a year.   In addition, they must each maintain an overall undergraduate graduation rate of at least 50%.  Schools were ranked based on Academic Breadth and Depth, Student Support, and Affordability using NCIS College Navigator database and program research,” as the online article stated.

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Writer: Parker Lovett | University Relations |

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