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Taekwondo Club Earning International Titles

Club members gather around two students performing board breaking during a belt ceremony.
Photo by Photo by Yui Leung

Did you know there is an internationally recognized and decorated taekwondo club on campus? The Changmookwan Taekwondo club became an official presence on campus in the fall of 2019. Indra Lokatama, a senior from Indonesia majoring in psychology, is the founding member who built the club up from ground zero. With the help of fellow students, international organizations, and a committee of grandmasters, he registered the club under the World Taekwondo Changmookwan Federation (an organization that supports the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters) within two years and now serves 40 registered club members.

Recounting the overall experience, Indra shared, "we are blessed to have a few international grandmasters who have become part of our club. They hold high-ranking positions as certified examiners with connections to Kukkiwon and Kwan. They all have more than 40 years of training experience in Taekwondo with world-class credentials in Kyorugi, Poomsae and Hoshinshul. They have provided guidance and advice while working closely with the university instructors and students part of the club." Continuing how it's been a humbling experience and stating, "Many people doubted the club's credibility and our fellow instructors. People have criticized us within and outside of the university. Still, we use this as a motivation to improve, do better, and work harder."

Although the club has had such challenges, a couple of members have received national rankings, producing champion competitors. This shows that the dojang is on track and has hopeful future. Indra also commented that "through their achievements, he hopes the students will become great competitors, have a never-give-up attitude, and command sportsmanship at the highest level."

The club also recognizes that while being acknowledged by overseas organizations and grandmasters shows the club is respected internationally, they still feel it an honor and privilege to receive such recognition. The ultimate objective is to build the students to be good citizens with good character and personality. The club now looks forward to the 2022 Virtual World Open Championship with Changmookwan Taekwondo Club at BYU–Hawaii as the hosting dojang this summer.