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University News

Changes in BYU-H Academic Organizations


We are pleased to announce several changes in the BYU-Hawaii academic organizations.

The College of Arts and Humanities has been updated to replace the current structure with four new departments. These departments and their chairs are:

English and Humanities: Stephen Hancock
Culture and History: Tevita Kaili
Visual Arts and Communications: Yifen Beus
Music and Theatre: Daniel Bradshaw
In the Department of English Language Teaching and Learning, Neil Anderson will replace Ellen Bunker as Chair. Dr. Bunker had served in that position since the beginning of 2012.

Andre Hippolite will replace John Bailey as Chair of Social Work. Dr. Bailey had been serving as a dual chair in Social Work as well as in the School of Education.

Finally, we extend a release to Randy Allred, who has led the Honors Program for 17 years. Rick McBride, who had served recently as Chair of the Department of History, has accepted the assignment to now direct that program.

Please join with us in expressing appreciation to each of those being released for diligent and dedicated service as well as congratulations to those who have accepted new appointments.