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Seasider Spotlight: Daniel Henderson

Professor Henderson sitting in his office at a piano keyboard with headphones on and a microphone near his face.

Name: Daniel Henderson

BYUH employee since: 2016

My job at BYUH is... Associate Professor of Music

I grew up in... Kaysville, Utah

I get most excited about my work... When students show interest in something, it lights a fire within me and I want to share all the knowledge I have on that thing with them.

My favorite thing about teaching... is undergoing all the background preparation that goes into a lesson plan. Then having students ask me serious questions about a topic shows interest and eagerness to learn more.

My favorite memories at BYU–Hawaii are... all of the world jazz orchestra concerts! With all the student preparation and creativity that goes into these, they truly are magical.

Best advice I've ever received about teaching... to design the class you wish you had available when you were a student.

Students don't think I notice... when they're laughing about my socks or shoes.

My favorite spot on campus... is my office space. I've tried to create an inspiring environment perfect for music-making. Every inch is beautiful, inspiring, and colorful.

Professor Henderson standing in front of an office wall that has several instruments hanging including a trumpet, guitars, and more.

When I have 30 minutes of free time... I read and study music.

You'll never find me without... a pencil and notebook.

The title of my autobiography would be... "Laughter, love, and music."

One thing you'll always find in my freezer... is premium ice cream. I can easily eat a pint of it before bed.

My personal mantra is... something I decided during college when asking myself if I could live by four words, what would they be? I decided "kindness, laughter, love and light."

On Saturday mornings you'll find me... at a farmers market.

A fond childhood memory I have... is working as the assistant to the cameraman at the Utah Jazz Basketball games. I used to sit directly under the hoop where the NBA players would fall down and land. It was awesome!

One item on my bucket list... is to have one hour to myself in the Capitol Records studio A, which is basically the best recording studio in the world.