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New On-Campus Residence Facilities Dedicated

Elder Aley K. Auna Jr. of the Seventy dedicated Hales 7, 8, 9 and 10 and TVA buildings X and Z on Sunday, February 9. 

Before giving the prayer, Elder Auna, who is also a BYU–Hawaii alumnus, gave a short message where he likened the dedication of the buildings to each individual life. “As we dedicate these buildings, so it is with us as we re-commit and dedicate our lives,” he said.

During the dedicatory prayer, Elder Auna expressed gratitude to God, pioneers, construction workers and designers who contributed to the new residential facilities, and asked a blessing on all the people who will maintain the buildings in the future. He said, “This campus serves as a beacon of light and purity to the Laie community, the State of Hawaii and to the entire world.” He dedicated and consecrated the six buildings from footings to roofs, blessing every fixture and piece between to be protected from natural disasters, vandalism and evil influences. “We dedicate these facilities as a gathering place for Thy sons and daughters to live in peace, harmony, friendship and safety as they rest from their labors,” he said.

[Read the complete Dedicatory Prayer

Before Elder Auna spoke, BYU–Hawaii President Steven C. Wheelwright addressed residents and attendees in opening remarks, counseling them that they should “make sure the home you are establishing is the kind of home where the Spirit can dwell.” After his remarks, the audience heard an acapella rendition of the hymn “Because I Have Been Given Much,” by BYU–Hawaii students Juliet Arthur, Tiana Golder, and Kyla Greening – all from New Zealand. “At one point, we were all in the same ward as Laurels. We never thought we would all end up at BYU–Hawaii,” said Greening.

The dedication represents progress in the university’s plan to expand the student body to 3,200 students. According to David Lewis, vice president of construction, facilities and sustainability, the plan’s phase 1A is now complete with the dedication of the new buildings. In the next year, Hales 3 and 5 will be remodeled, and then Hales 4 and 6, said Lewis.

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