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Seasider Spotlight: Ka Lun Wong

Ka Lun Wong
Photo by Camille Jovenes

Name: Ka Lun (Allan) Wong

BYUH employee since: 2017

BYUH alum: class of 2009

My job at BYUH is... assistant professor of mathematics.

I grew up in... Hong Kong.

I'm currently teaching... Quantitative Reasoning (MATH 107 and MATH 212). But I've taught over 80% of the different math courses in the mathematics program.

My favorite lecture/course to teach... is Number Theory (MATH 490R). It's a special topic class specific to the mathematics major. Number theory is my personal specialty. I love numbers and discovering the hidden patterns and relationships between them. I find it all very fascinating.

I get most excited about my work... when I see students understand the course material and start to grasp math concepts.

My favorite thing about teaching... is sharing my knowledge and love for math with others.

Ka Lun Wong standing in front of a white board that has mathematical equations written out.
Photo by Camille Jovenes

The best advice I've ever received about teaching is... not to teach a lesson but to teach students.

My most cherished memory at BYUH... was the math faculty Christmas party before the COVID-19 pandemic. It's such a warm memory of mine. I felt the closeness of the community here. The event helped make the faculty feel more like an ohana.

Students don't think I notice... when they use their phones in class.

My advice to incoming first-year students... is to explore different things. Learn about the resources and buildings on campus. Get involved with various clubs and attend university activities.

I chose to teach at BYUH because... I love the culture here. I love how beautiful the environment and people are. I love the aloha spirit.

When I have 30 minutes of free time... I play the piano.

On Friday nights, you'll find me... watching movies with my kids at home. I have four kids ages 3-13 years old.

My dream car is... a Tesla family van.

If I could travel anywhere, I would go to... Toronto, Canada, because... that's where I served my mission (2003-2005). I would love to go back and visit the places and people I met.

My favorite quote is... "learn how to learn" from my high school chemistry teacher.

A fond childhood memory I have is when... I was living in Hong Kong. There was a theme park my family would visit. I still remember the roller coaster rides and memories we made there.

My go-to comfort food is... chocolate chip ice cream.

One item on my bucket list is... to try spearfishing.