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New BYUH Women's Services & Resources Office Now Open

Graphic depicting ten cartoon females.
Photo by Abby Reeve, student graphic designer.

Brigham Young University–Hawaii Student Life Vice President Kala Kau announced the Women's Services & Resources (WSR) as a new BYU–Hawaii area with an information and referral network for students, staff, and faculty. As a Student Life program, WSR collaborates with different BYU–Hawaii offices, departments, and the community to best serve both the women and men at BYU–Hawaii. Services, events, and educational initiatives are under development to help meet the needs and enhance the student college experience.

Elder Jeffrey and Sister Kathleen Nye currently serve as the senior missionaries assigned to establish this community of support on campus further. The Nyes commented on their experience so far, "In our short two months here, our experience has been filled with much aloha, and we have felt welcomed as we meet with the wonderful departments and resources on campus. As we continue to meet with students, they share their enthusiasm for this new outreach office. We look forward to serving."

Additional information regarding the services will be available to students this fall. Anyone interested in learning more about the resources provided is encouraged to follow BYUH Women's Services & Resources on Facebook and Instagram, or visit the office located in the Lorenzo Snow Building, room 165.