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New BYUH Women's Services & Resources Office Now Open

By Elise Mitchell August 09, 2022 08:00 AM
Brigham Young University–Hawaii Student Life Vice President Kala Kau announced the Women's Services & Resources (WSR) as a new BYU–Hawaii area with an information and referral network for students, staff, and faculty. As a Student Life program, WSR collaborates with different BYU–Hawaii offices, departments, and the community to best serve both the women and men at BYU–Hawaii. Services, events, and educational initiatives are under development to help meet the needs and enhance the student college experience. Read Full Story

Arlene Pele Sewell Named Chief Information Officer

July 26, 2022 08:22 AM
Brigham Young University–Hawaii Operations Vice President Kevin Schlag has named Arlene Sewell as the new Chief Information Officer. In this role, Sewell will lead all aspects of Information Technology, providing strategic direction to help the university accomplish its mission. Read Full Story

Remembering One's True Identity

By Elise Mitchell July 12, 2022 08:00 AM
Benoy Tamang grew up in a Christian home accustomed to a military lifestyle, so his family would move and relocate every two years to a new part of the world. This constant movement made his household rely on one another, recalling they were a very happy family. Read Full Story

BYU–Hawaii Completes Renewable Energy System

By Elise Mitchell June 29, 2022 10:54 AM
Brigham Young University–Hawaii and Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions completed the campus-wide renewable energy system. The system's annual electricity production is estimated to meet 39% of the university's energy needs, significantly reducing its carbon footprint and dependence on the grid. Read Full Story

“No One Is Ever Truly Alone,” Says June 2022 Student Commencement Speaker

By Jieun Shin June 24, 2022 09:32 AM
Navigating his way through life’s challenges and uncertainties, senior Vaughn Curioso said he didn’t do it alone. The graphic design major from Santa Maria in the Philippines said he received help spiritually from Heavenly Father, support from his family, and a life-changing conversation with a refugee from the Congo he met on his mission in Utah. Read Full Story

Graduating With Life Lessons in Gaining Confidence and Being Kind

By Elise Mitchell June 23, 2022 09:09 AM
Yu-Chieh Sung is a senior from southern Taiwan, graduating with a bachelor's in accounting this spring. When asked why she chose to attend BYU–Hawaii, she talks about being drawn to the Holokai program and having the flexibility of trying different courses before deciding upon her major. However, after two failed attempts to pass the English proficiency exam, Sung wondered if BYU–Hawaii wasn't meant to be a part of her journey and decided to prepare to serve a full-time mission. After serving in the San Diego, California mission for about a year, her mission president encouraged her to retake the English proficiency test for the third and, to her surprise, the final time. Finally, she was accepted to BYU–Hawaii after tests of grammar and faith. "Putting the Lord first and finishing my mission brought me here," now, Sung gets to fulfill her dream of graduating from college this weekend. Read Full Story

Future Graduate Hopes to Establish Peace and Empower Change

By Elise Mitchell June 22, 2022 08:37 AM
Regina Shumway is a graduating senior from Laie, Hawaii. When initially deciding where to attend college, BYU–Hawaii was an easy choice since Shumway didn't want to leave home. She enjoyed the familiarity of life here and loved the spirit and culture found in this community. Although she planned to transfer eventually, she ended up staying due to the closeness she felt to others while attending classes. "Some people see the campus size as a weakness, but I love it. Professors here know my name; they know how to help me and have time to get to know me. Also, getting to know my classmates and having time to participate in class has been an important part of my journey here at BYU–Hawaii." Read Full Story

New Appointments for Alohalani Housman and Benjamin Jordan

By Elise Mitchell June 17, 2022 09:12 AM
Brigham Young University–Hawaii Academic Vice President Isaiah Walker announced two leadership changes in Academics this week: Dr. Alohalani Housman as the dean of the Faculty of Culture, Language, & Performing Arts and Dr. Benjamin R. Jordan as the dean of the Faculty of Sciences. Both appointments are effective August 28. Read Full Story

Marine Biology Students Study eDNA As Part of Coral Restoration Efforts

By Elise Mitchell June 08, 2022 08:40 AM
Did you know that environmentally, coral is like a desert? Initially, it grows in nutrient-poor areas, and through its existence, those areas can flourish with other sea life. However, several factors, including bleaching events caused by climate change, harmful human contact as seen with heavy tourism, and the biological evidence that coral in Hawaii's oceans is slow-growing, affect the overall health of the island's reefs. Without intervention, underwater ecosystems will soon be devastated as coral suffers from these factors, ultimately resulting in the death of the reefs. However, there's still hope. Read Full Story

Inspiring Education Through Resilience and Hard Work

By Elise Mitchell June 06, 2022 08:00 AM
Dr. Salisha Allard-Blaisdell was born and raised in Grenada, a small island located in the Caribbean Sea. Allard-Blaisdell faced many hardships throughout her childhood, including her mother's passing, financial instability, social injustices, bullying, and becoming an orphan by age 15. However, her challenging upbringing motivated her to work hard and be resilient to obstacles she faced then and would overcome in years ahead. Read Full Story