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BYU–Hawaii In The News


An episode from BYUtv's "Hello Sunday" October 2, 2022

President Kauwe talks about how he leads BYU–Hawaii by looking in the direction he wants to go.

Elder Wakolo teaches 3 doctrinal truths that help give strength, peace during life’s trials

An article from the Church News — September 20, 2022

Elder Wakolo shares the importance of remembrance and how that can overcome any circumstance we may find ourselves in.

Dare to Be Different

An article from Deseret News — September 14, 2022

Deseret Magazine highlights religious institutions’ unique contribution to higher education

Elder Gilbert explains why the Church Educational System must have the courage to be different

An article from Church News — August 17, 2022

Elder Clark G. Gilbert spoke recently on the different role each school plays in the CES system

Erica Glenn: People in Poland know that Putin’s aggression may not stop with Ukraine

An article from The Salt Lake Tribune — July 29, 2022

BYUH visiting assistant professor, Erica Glenn, shares an insider's perspective on what it's like for those in Poland with unrest very near as they help Ukrainian refugees.

Elder Hales shares with BYU–Hawaii graduates ‘3 simple gifts will benefit you’

An article from Church News June 25, 2022

Elder Hales Shares with BYU–Hawaii Graduates '3 Simple Gifts Will Benefit You' 

3 invitations that provide the key to identity and belonging

An article from the Church News — May 24, 2022

Knowing divine identity is essential to meaningful belonging, which then "affects who we become," taught Elder John C. Pingree Jr. at BYU–Hawaii.

How Native Hawaiian surfers used the ocean as sanctuary

An article from PBS Hawai'i — April 22, 2022

Dr. Isaiah Walker explains the cultural importance of surfing and how Duke Kahanamoku was a champion of generosity, aloha and bravery during a complex time in Hawaiian history.

Elder Gonzalez says 'Believest thou?' approach can build faith

An article from the Church News — March 16, 2022

Elder Walter F. Gonzalez, General Authority Seventy, shared the benefits of a "believest thou" approach to building one's foundation of faith at a BYU–Hawaii devotional.

How BYU–Hawaii graduates are 'modern-day rocks' and becoming leaders

An article from the Church News — April 16, 2022

Elder Jeremy R. Jaggi and his wife, Sister Amy Jaggi, taught BYU–Hawaii graduates about growing during trials through the Savior with a metaphor to rocks.

What bonefish and polarized glasses have to do with being genuinely grateful, according to President Kauwe

An article from the Church News — February 23, 2022

"Counting blessings is like putting on polarized glasses with lenses of gratitude," President Kauwe said during a campus devotional.

9 lessons the Church Educational System learned through the COVID-19 pandemic

An article from the Church News — January 6, 2022

While the last 20-plus months have certainly been challenging, they have also been a time of discovery and innovation within the Church Educational System.

In first in-person graduation since pandemic began, Elder Carl B. Cook promises BYU–Hawaii graduates ‘the Lord has a work for you’

An article from the Church News — December 10, 2021

For the first time since winter 2020, BYU–Hawaii graduates were able to gather in person for commencement.

Through the power of the scriptures, Elder Bednar teaches BYU–Hawaii students what matters most

An article from the Church News — November 17, 2021

Elder David A. Bednar shared and explored the scriptures to teach what matters most in the commotion of the latter days to BYU–Hawaii students.

BYU–Hawaii and BYU–Pathway Worldwide announce a new partnership

An article from the Church News — November 8, 2021

Learn how a new partnership announced Nov. 8 between BYU–Hawaii and BYU–Pathway will provide increased opportunities to students in the Pacific Islands, Asia and the Philippines.

John S.K. Kauwe III, first native Hawaiian to lead BYU–Hawaii, officially inaugurated as president by Elder Holland

An article from the Church News — October 19, 2021

After a 15-month delay due to COVID-19 restrictions, Elder Holland officially inaugurated President John S.K. Kauwe III, the first-ever native Hawaiian to serve as president of BYU–Hawaii.

Elder K. Brett Nattress Encourages BYU–Hawaii Students to ‘Move to Higher Ground to Avoid the Spiritual Tsunamis of Life'

An article in the New Zealand Church Newsroom

Elder K. Brett Nattress spoke at a BYU–Hawaii devotional about finding peace during the storms of life.

Why Trust Science & History?

A presentation produced by Papa Ola Lokahi, Native Hawaiian Health Board

Academic Vice President Dr. Isaiah Walker and University President John S.K. Kauwe III present research about the history of disease and its impact on Native Hawaiians.

BYU major partner in project to combat Alzheimer's, dementia in Native, Pacific Islander communities

An article from BYU News

President Kauwe is a co-leader on a project to combat Alzheimer's and dementia in Native and Pacific Island communities.

BYU–Hawaii Students Required to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

An episode of "The Conversation" from Hawaiʻi Public Radio

President Kauwe sat down with Hawaiʻi Public Radio to discuss the vaccine requirement. Brigham Young University–Hawaii is one of two Hawaii private schools of any education level requiring students to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Watch: Running from darkness and violence in inner-city New York, Elder Johnson found the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ

A video from the Church News

Elder Peter M. Johnson narrates his life story of discovering his divine identity through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sister Craig offers five ways to protect against the ‘lurking dangers of spiritual complacency’

An article from the Church News

"Sister Craig, first counselor in the Young Women general presidency, issued the challenge as part of her remarks during the weekly BYU–Hawaii devotional."

General Authority Seventy’s advice to BYU–Hawaii students about wishing for a different time

An article from the Church News

"Elder Gerard invited listeners to 'recognize and be consigned that this is our day'. "

Why the Church Educational System needs more than just BYU

An article from the Church News

"Each of the Church's five institutions for higher education- BYU, Ensign College, BYU–Idaho, BYU–Hawaii and BYU–Pathway Worldwide-has a distinct role and strategy."

Keoni Kauwe

An episode of "Latter-day Profiles" from BYUtv

President Kauwe sat down with Brian Howard, host of Latter-day Profiles, to discuss what what lead him from growing up in Orem and Hawaii to becoming president of BYUH during a pandemic while continuing his research on Alzheimers Disease.

Graduating during the pandemic: How Church schools are seeking to honor graduates despite COVID-19 restrictions

An article from the Church News April 21, 2021

The Church News recapped what schools in the Church Educational System are doing to celebrate graduates despite local restrictions in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic.