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New McKay Complex Renderings Released

Renderings from August 2023 announcement, Ariel view of campus.
Conceptual renderings of the new McKay Complex at the center of BYU–Hawaii.

As previously announced, the BYU–Hawaii Board of Trustees has committed to making an unprecedented investment in the future of BYU–Hawaii. This investment will renew the university’s buildings and infrastructure for the next 50 years. The BYU–Hawaii President’s Council is grateful to be entrusted with this stewardship and committed to fulfilling it righteously. “Planning for and building the university of the future is an exciting and complex endeavor," said Kevin Schlag, operations vice president. "We are blessed to have the Board of Trustees fully engaged in discussions and decision-making at every stage of this process.”

The guiding principles for campus planning include:

  • Reduce and simplify: Focus on what matters most in the simplest practical way.
  • Flexible and adaptable: Design spaces that can suit various activities and quickly adjust to university program changes and teaching methods. Future-proof the university for the next 50 years.
  • Enhance the student experience: Design spaces focused on student needs first.
  • Embed the mission and vision: Buildings are a constant reminder of the prophetic foundation and continuing purpose of our campus.

During this process, we’ve held close to 50 meetings and focus groups with faculty, staff, students, and the community. Additionally, diverse survey responses from employees and students were collected on multiple occasions. “We are grateful for the input and feedback we’ve received thus far,” said Schlag. “This is a monumental project to remake a large portion of the BYU–Hawaii campus while maintaining the spirit and character of this special and historical place so dear to our hearts.”

Schematic design is almost complete. We will begin construction documents soon, and we have been meeting with the City & County of Honolulu to coordinate the permitting process. Construction is anticipated to commence in the first half of 2025.

Conceptual renderings have been developed to show the design of the new buildings. As schematic design is finalized, the campus community will be updated with further announcements.

We invite your feedback and input, specifically on architectural motifs that help tell the BYU–Hawaii story. Interested participants are invited to participate by contributing to a collection of images, ideas, designs, photographs, and more that will help inspire the design and decor. We also encourage suggestions on what should go in the new welcome center and have begun collecting personal stories and memories on the McKay Complex webpage.