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Genuine Gold

Creating Big Ideas and Impacting Students' Lives

Meet Lindsay Hadley, BYU–Hawaii’s new entrepreneur in residence. Throughout Lindsay’s career, she has accomplished wonders through social impact both domestically and abroad. Starting out of college as a humble humanitarian worker, Lindsay sought to fulfill her desire to serve by building schools and water wells in distant countries such as Peru and Kenya. However, in 2008 following the birth of her first son, she realized there was still so much good she wanted to do while having the flexibility to stay close to home and raise a family with her husband, Geoff Hadley. 

Portrait of Lindsay Hadley

Lindsay has been a social impact mastermind influencing social change efforts through concerts, events, and meaningful partnerships. In 2011, Lindsay worked with Global Citizen's "The End of Polio Concert," featuring celebrity singers John Legend and Hugh Jackman, raising $118 million to eradicate polio in Australia. Since then, Lindsay's career has been on a trajectory of social good. She's now CEO of Hadley Impact, "a one-stop social impact shop," where she, her husband, and a team of industry-leading producers, managers, creators, and communicators accomplish incredible feats for good causes.

Her Path to BYU–Hawaii

She now feels lucky to be a part of the BYU–Hawaii ohana. After visiting Lai'e with her family, she met Professor Spencer Taggart and soon became a visiting professor. When asked to comment on Lindsay joining the ohana, Spencer said, "What an absolute gift to have Lindsay here on our campus sharing her nuggets of wisdom, relationships, time, spirit, and love." He also expressed his excitement for our students to learn from her and her experiences, stating, "Lindsay's work has blessed millions of people around the world, and now she's here changing student's lives every day." 

This fall, Lindsay hopes to invest in students who desire to utilize the university's resources by teaching social entrepreneurship classes. She also looks forward to building relationships with students who envelop themselves in a spiritual environment and a community of people following the same light. 

Tips for Students

One academic tip she has for students is to get an internship. She emphasizes gaining as much experience in the work field, applying your education to real-life problems, and creating real-life solutions. 

One life tip she offers is to learn about yourself. "Deep personal introspection," she says, can help you see your strengths and weaknesses. Learning how to address those and heal through the atonement of Christ can be a "lifetime of work," but worth every effort spent. 

Regardless of a student's major, there is something to learn from Lindsay and her example of Christlike service and love in the workplace. We look forward to her time here on campus.