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Genuine Gold

Dreams of Empowering Women to Accomplish Greatness

Chaille wearing graduation gown standing outside smiling for her picture to be taken.

Faye Chaille Elis Kioa, is senior from Tonga. Before coming to BYU–Hawaii, Chaille would always hear five of her family members, including her father, talk about their experiences at BYU–Hawaii. Always thinking to herself, "I want that opportunity; I want to have those experiences too." After serving a full-time mission in the Philippines, Chaille finally had the opportunity to apply to the university of her dreams. She felt her admission letter was just like receiving another mission call, believing that each student is here for a reason and has a mission from God to fulfill while studying.

In reflecting upon her time here, she mentions, "alongside the diversity found on this campus, I'm grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ acting as a unifying factor, something, or rather someone, that brings all of these people together." Another takeaway she's grateful to have learned is that every effort, no matter the capacity, matters, "it matters to the Lord, it matters to you, even your professors see it, and it matters to them." She encourages students to put forth their best effort and see how far it will take them. Lastly, she cherishes the friendships and family relations she made here as something she'll always carry with her.

Chaille wearing graduation cap and gown, standing outside.

When first coming, Chaille saw herself as "very little compared to other people and their potential." Today, she looks back on everything she's accomplished and been through, resulting in her building a character of confidence. She attributes part of this self-growth to many of her professors in her chosen major, noting, "they've been the real epitome of passion and love. They strive to provide programs that ensure everyone leaves this place knowing what they need to know out in the world. They push you to your limit but are there for you every step of the way. They're really here to make sure you graduate."

Having majored in political science, it's no surprise that Chaille feels connected to women in politics. After graduation, she plans to pursue her education by obtaining her master's in public administration, then return home to help empower other women. Ultimately, working towards gender equality in government, specifically for Tonga's parliament.

With confidence in Chaille to achieve what she puts her heart to, we look forward to seeing what lives she has yet to bless in the future.