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Genuine Gold

Living With Gratitude and Optimism

Yukimoto family (5 individuals) standing in blossom field for family picture. Starting from left to right, their daughter, a son, Tasuku, his wife, and another son. Two pet dogs stand at their feet.

Tasuku Yukimoto came to study at Brigham Young University–Hawaii in 1995. As a Japanese native, the school's diverse student body is what initially piqued his interest in attending. He also knew studying in the United States would increase his opportunities to study psychology and different peoples. It didn't take long for him to grow a love for other aspects of learning here. He now holds fond recollections, such as meeting his wife here at school and later having his first born child at Kahuku hospital.

Memories from BYU–Hawaii

When asked about his favorite memories from BYU–Hawaii, Yukimoto remembers the small class sizes that accommodated close friends and peers in the classroom. He explained, "no matter where you came from, you could find a support group as a student at BYU–Hawaii." That was especially crucial for him as this was the first time Yukimoto was learning and speaking English. He recalls when his classmates helped him understand and pronounce certain words or phrases—being extremely reliant on these people and feeling their genuine love.

The friendships Tasuku Yukimoto made here have lasted throughout the years. He still keeps in touch with friends in Canada, the United States, and Taiwan. He even meets up with fellow BYU–Hawaii alumni every Sunday for church at his local branch. Yukimoto strongly believes that attending BYU–Hawaii was instrumental in him serving a full-time mission and growing a testimony of the gospel. Upon graduating with a bachelor's in Psychology, Yukimoto was called to serve as a bishop only a month after returning home. Even though this magnitude of a calling was intimidating at first, he recognized that the skills and spiritual habits he had formed in school prepared and aided him in this calling.

After graduating from BYU–Hawaii, Yukimoto began his career as a school counselor in Osaka, Japan. His idea was to go on and pursue a master's degree and Ph.D. in psychology. But in 2008, he switched career paths and graduated with an M.B.A. from BYU. He started working for fortune 500 companies and is now a human resources manager at Amazon.

Tips for Students

One academic tip Yukimoto would offer students is to keep an open mind and willingness to adjust to life and the Lord's path. He admits that though he wasn't an outstanding student, he enjoyed learning and was curious about life. He would encourage the same for any struggling to find that academic drive. As for a more general advice, life can be harsh. Try to go through each stage with feelings of gratitude and focus on the positive amidst challenging situations. Strive to believe in and stay close to Heavenly Father. One life lesson he shares with co-workers or friends who are struggling is one he learned from his Polynesian friends at BYU–Hawaii, "stay optimistic; there's much to be grateful for in life."