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Cultivating Leadership and Legacy: A Recap of BYU–Hawaii's 2023 Highlights

Front of campus with sign, "Enter to learn, go forth to serve."

In 2023, Brigham Young University–Hawaii stood at the forefront of transformative change, echoing the visionary aspirations set forth by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland during his address at the inaugural ceremony for President John S.K. Kauwe III in October of 2021. Then, he asserted, "What we have done in the past has led us marvelously to this day, but in no way is it sufficient for the trajectory the Church and the university are on now...The great work of BYU–Hawaii is still ahead of us...[And the] great purposes of BYU–Hawaii will demand the very best of us."

As the university continues its mission to prepare students from Oceania and the Asian Rim to be disciples of Jesus Christ and global leaders, many remarkable events and milestones illuminated last year's journey. Under inspired counsel and direction, President Kauwe joins other university leadership, faculty, and staff to navigate future courses and provide spiritually uplifting student experiences as the university's student body pursues academic dreams and accomplishments.

Below is a summary of news and events for BYU–Hawaii in the year 2023.




  • BYU–Hawaii students present research to industry-leading professionals at Communications Conference.
  • BYU–Hawaii holds annual Culture Night event showcasing 31 special interest and culture clubs.
  • BYU–Hawaii holds annual Undergraduate Research Conference with theme, "I ka wā ma mua, ka wā ma hope - Through the past is future,".
  • Asia-Pacific Career Conference (APCC) kickoff event featured BYU–Hawaii alumna Sylvia Hussey.
Princess of Tonga visiting BYUH




President Kauwe in Mongolia holding an eagle on his arm.


  • New travel study program takes BYU–Hawaii students to Church history sites.
  • President John S.K. Kauwe III and Sister Monica Kauwe traveled to Mongolia and Korea to meet with BYU–Hawaii alumni, church members, and prospective students.



Utah Jazz playing at the BYUH Cannon Activities Center




Sister Kauwe, President Kauwe, Crystal Tania, Sheryl Tania, Elder Kearon, Sister Kearon all posing for their picture.